The Top 5 Healthiest Vegan Swaps

If you're new to veganism or just looking for some healthier options, you can make plenty of swaps that are both delicious and nutritious. Gone are the days of rabbit food - these swaps will have you feeling full and satisfied.
Healthiest Vegan Swaps

1. Give up dairy milk for almond milk

Making the switch from dairy to almond milk can be challenging, but it is ultimately worth it. With almond milk having fewer calories, fat and carbohydrates than regular cow's milk while also being free of cholesterol, it's an excellent substitute when watching your waistline. Plus, with its high contents of vitamin E and calcium, as well as lemon juice to give it a creamy consistency and just the right hint of sweetness - there's no reason not to give up dairy milk for almond milk. It makes for a tasty addition to coffee drinks or breakfast bowls without sacrificing nutritional value!

2. Instead of cow's cheese, try vegan cheese

Instead of relying on cow's cheese for a vegan-friendly option, why not give vegan cheese a try? Not only is vegan cheese cruelty-free, but it also has similar tastes and textures to traditional cow's cheese. These days, vegans are not limited by the same choices that were available a decade ago; innovative innovations in the quality and variety of vegan cheeses have created different options to suit any palate. From parmesan over pizzas to cheddar slices for sandwiches, you will be pleasantly surprised at its deliciousness if you have never tried vegan cheese before!

3. Try dates instead of Honey

Trying dates instead of Honey or sugars is an easy way to add a healthier alternative to your baking. Dates are naturally sweet, making them an excellent replacement for chocolate chips or sweets! For instance, some recipes work well with fresh dates, while dry goods work well with dried dates.

4. Make a black bean burger instead of a beef burger

This summer, switch offering your burgers on the grill to a healthier and equally delicious black bean burger. Replicating beef's taste and texture without guilt, they're a surefire crowd-pleaser that you can serve from backyard barbecues to vegan potlucks. Get creative with your toppings: instead of mayonnaise, try a dollop of guacamole or even hummus for an added flavour; substitute lettuce for baby spinach to give it a crunchy bite; go all-out Southwest with jalapenos and salsa! No matter how you stack it, black bean burgers are a nutritious and flavorful spin on the classic burger.

5. Get your protein from chickpeas instead of chicken

Chickpeas are the perfect substitute if you're looking to cut down on poultry-based proteins! Not only are they healthier for you. Chickpeas have a much lower fat content than chicken. but they are also incredibly versatile and can be used in many dishes. You can whip up a protein-packed hummus, add them to salads, curries, and stir-fries, or throw them into soups.

With just a few simple substitutions, you can make your meals healthier while still getting the taste you crave! Plus, they're packed with fibre and other essential nutrients. You can use them depending on what you're making and your preference.

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