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The vegan movement in today's world is driving local communities towards loving-kindness and compassion. Vegan Eats is a free global business directory designed exclusively for fully plant based restaurants and businesses. This unique service differs from all other services that use the word 'vegan' as an advertising tool to drive sales, although they may not offer 100% vegan products or services. We strive to bring every vegan restaurant worldwide to your fingertips so that you have access to the best places, whether you are on holiday in a remote part of the world or walking down your local roads. As longstanding vegans, we crave a greener, healthier and kinder world for all of us.

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The rise in popularity of plant-based food has been seen even when people were less frequently dining out during the pandemic. Even though we saw an increase in the vegan community in 2021, the year was highly unpredictable. With changing restrictions and new variants affecting in-person dining, many vegan cafe and restaurant operators continued to thrive and build resiliency throughout 2022.

Vegan food delivery orders have increased significantly with a rapid increase in orders for plant-based burgers. Our directory has included the delivery partners in the listing for your convenience.