Introducing Wild Vegan: Connecting Food and Nature Conservation

Welcome to the world of Wild Vegan, a vegan brand dedicated to wildlife and nature conservation. With a deep-rooted passion for protecting the environment, Wild Vegan aims to bridge the gap between commercial businesses and sustainable practices. The brand was founded by Kasun Benaragama, a conservation artist and innovative designer, and Iranga Thejana, a young professional in the food industry and an enthusiastic nature photographer. Together, they envisioned a business model that actively contributes to environmental protection while offering exceptional vegan products to consumers.

Vision and Mission

Wild Vegan aspires to be a leading global vegan brand and the number one food brand committed to nature conservation. The brand strives to design, establish, and market sustainable processes and products, employing cleaner production approaches and fair trade principles. The ultimate goal is to provide benefits throughout the supply chain while conserving nature.

Making a Difference: Impact

Wild Vegan goes beyond the traditional business model. The brand proudly pledges to donate 50% of its profits to projects focused on environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation. By implementing environmentally friendly methods and processes, Wild Vegan revolutionizes the industry and sets an example for others. A significant portion of the funds generated supports the "WILD ISLAND FOUNDATION," a non-profit organization overseeing projects like "Forest Connect" and "Species." This approach ensures that the venture positively impacts farmers, consumers, and the environment.

Discover the delectable and versatile vegan offerings by Wild Vegan that tantalize taste buds while aligning with ethical choices. The product line includes:

  • Young Jackfruit Shredded in Brine
  • Young Jackfruit Pieces in Brine
  • Organic BBQ Young Jackfruit
  • Organic Young Jackfruit Ceylon Curry
  • Organic Young Jackfruit Green Curry
  • Organic Young Jackfruit Red Curry
  • Organic Mexican Young Jackfruit
  • Organic Teriyaki Young Jackfruit
  • Shredded Banana Blossom in Brine
  • Banana Blossom Pieces in Brine

In addition to the jackfruit and banana blossom options, Wild Vegan offers a range of refreshing and nutritious organic juices, including King Coconut Juice, Passion Fruit Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Mango Juice.

Range of Vegan Products

wild vegan products

Join the Movement: Partner with Wild Vegan

If you share our passion for environmental conservation, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey towards a sustainable future. By supporting Wild Vegan, you actively contribute to wildlife and nature conservation efforts. Together, let's make a real difference and create a world where businesses and nature can coexist harmoniously.

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