Berrylicious Strawberry and Banana Smoothie with Three Ingredients

Not sure what to make for breakfast? A Strawberry and banana smoothie is a great way to start your day. The smoothie is packed with plant protein and vitamin C and is a deliciously filling healthy breakfast for a busy day or after a morning workout.


This smoothie is ideal for all four seasons alike. It is a refreshing drink for warmer months and contains vitamin C to support the body during cold months. According to Ayurveda, specific fruits can create stomach problems and digestion problems when blended with dairy milk. But a vegan smoothie will never generate this problem because we are mixing all nature's ingredients which are designed with love for the consumption and well-being of all living beings by mother nature. Beverages made with plant milk, especially coconut milk, are lighter, healthier and easy to digest. You could also use coconut water to blend your smoothie, which will also do miracles. 

Many people love to have protein shakes after vigorous exercise. They might add their protein powder to smoothies. But I use plant milk with vegan protein. Soy milk is one of the best protein-rich liquids to add to this smoothie and contains calcium too. 

I purchase about six punnets of fresh organic strawberries weekly, wash, hull the green top and freeze. If you are buying frozen strawberries, please read the ingredients, as some frozen brands have added sugar. Strawberries are sweet enough, so get strawberries with no added sweeteners

I use both frozen and fresh strawberries in my smoothies, depending on the recipe, weather, mood, season and availability. But Bananas are a fruit that is abundant all year. Both bananas and strawberries are rich in antioxidants.


How to make the smoothie

Plant Milk: Any plant milk with plant protein

Banana: The best bananas for smoothies are over-riped, speckled bananas, which have more sweetness. I use two bananas.

Organic Strawberries: I recommend using some frozen strawberries in this smoothie for a thicker texture. If you prefer fresh strawberries, try using frozen bananas for a creamier, better taste. 

Coconut yoghurt or freshly grated coconut ( Optional) can make your smoothie thick and creamy. 

Add the fresh or frozen strawberries, bananas and plant milk into the Vitamix and blend at high speed. Pour into a smoothie glass tumbler. You can garnish the glasses with some sliced strawberries. I recommend drinking this freshly blended smoothie as soon as it is made for the best flavour and taste. 

You can add blueberries to this smoothie to make it more berrylicious and berry-healthy. Adding uncooked oats can also make the smoothie thicker and more filling. 

Healthy tips

Choose organic fruits and organic nut milk whenever possible. Organic produce provides more nutrients than conventionally grown.

Wash the strawberries before blending them.

Please note: If you are allergic to any ingredient mentioned in this recipe, please avoid using that product or component. 

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