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Vegan Eats is your directory and guide for vegan restaurants near you, the resource of vegan food, vegan health and everything you need to know to enjoy your vegan life to the fullest. We are passionate about veganism and spreading the vegan message to make it accessible to everyone and every corner of the world. In comparison, introducing all the 100% vegan restaurants around the world, we also want our visitors to be informed about how to embrace a healthy vegan diet. This is our attempt to guide you to lead a happy vegan lifestyle.

How Vegan Eats came to life

The Vegan Eats web directory was launched to support the growing vegan community. It is a free global business directory created exclusively for fully vegan restaurants and businesses. As vegans, we have found it challenging to find a vegan restaurant that offers an entirely vegan menu. Despite being not fully vegan, most restaurants and cafes advertise "vegan"these days. You may also have experienced these situations where a dish is sold with ingredients that vegans do not consume. For instance, there may be eggs in dim sims, dairy milk, or cheese in pasta. So it is a timely need for us to promote fully vegan restaurants, cafes, juice bars and food stores for the ever-expanding global vegan community. The Vegan Eats Web directory is a unique service that differs from all others that use the word 'vegan' as an advertising tool.

Our web directory aims to assist vegan travellers in finding a restaurant or a shop near them or make the vegan transition easy if anyone plans to go fully vegan with our helpful blogs.

We love to work with leading businesses in the vegan community. If your business is 100% vegan, here is your chance to list it. You can instantly showcase it to the whole world on the Vegan Eats global directory. Follow the link below to add your business. It's free and will be forever.

We only allow fully vegan restaurants, cafes and shops to list in our directory. Our team is dedicated to closely monitoring all business listings, entries and submissions to ensure that they are entirely vegan. If you notice any breach or violation, please do not hesitate to report it.

Join the Vegan Eats Club today with the proud mission of choosing beans over beings.

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