Eating Vegan On The Go: Tips And Tricks For Vegan Travelers

As a vegan traveler, you know the importance of planning ahead to make sure you're able to stick to your diet on the go. But with a little creativity and resourcefulness, it's definitely possible to eat vegan – and delicious! – no matter where you are in the world. Here are some tips and tricks for eating vegan on the go. Bon appetit!

Make sure to pack plenty of snacks with you

Eating vegan on the go

Whether you're taking a short or long flight, one thing is certain: seatbelt buckles don't feed hungry bellies! Pack your carry-on with healthy and delicious snacks to keep hunger pains at bay. From protein-packed nuts to crunchy veggies—don't forget healthy combinations, like nut butter and sliced apples. That way, even if the in-flight meals are lackluster, you'll be sure to stay healthy and full throughout the journey.

Bring along a portable vegan meal or two

Just in case you can't find anything suitable to eat. Eating healthy while traveling can be incredibly difficult. It's a good idea to bring along a few vegan meals so that you never find yourself in an emergency situation with no healthy food! That way, you can be assured that your healthy eating goals remain intact. Plus, carrying some healthy meals around is an easy way to show those around you the benefits of veganism. Who knows?

You might even inspire your fellow travelers to follow suit.

Research restaurants and cafes in advance

So that you know where you can eat. Planning ahead of time can be a lifesaver when you're traveling and need to find a place to eat - especially in unfamiliar cities or countries. Researching restaurants and cafes can help avoid confusion or being stuck not knowing where (or what) to eat when you're out exploring. Furthermore, it can also help you find some great places that stand out from the usual tourist spots, enabling you to experience more of an authentic local food scene. With so many reviews and ratings at our fingertips, there's no excuse not to take advantage of all the great culinary offerings in any given city!

Be prepared to make substitutions

For example, order a salad without cheese or ask for your sandwich to be made with vegan bread, making substitutes is key for me to ensure that I enjoy a delicious and cruelty-free meal. Whether it's ordering a salad without cheese or getting my sandwich made on vegan bread, there are plenty of options out there. If anything, I'm thankful that more restaurants are getting on board with plant-based cuisine. While some may call subbing out ingredients inconvenient, I prefer to think of it as an adventure in becoming a culinary wizard! Who knows? Maybe I'll come up with the best combo that a restaurant has ever done!

Don't be afraid to ask questions, most people are happy to accommodate vegans. Asking questions can often be intimidating, especially when it's about something you may not be too familiar with. However, don't let your fears stop you from inquiring! Vegans hear all the time that they need to have special requirements for food, but most people are actually quite accommodating. Even if you're unsure what's vegan friendly or not, don't worry - just ask. Chances are you'll be met with a welcoming smile and helpful advice for making sure what you're enjoying is suitable for your chosen lifestyle. So if something sounds a bit off in the ingredients list, don't hesitate to get some clarification first - better safe than sorry!

Marisa RamírezLTraveler and writer

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