The Benefits of Listening to Your Body: A Vegan's Journey to Intuitive Eating

A Vegan's Journey to Intuitive Eating
I used to be a rigid vegan. I didn't want to listen to my body or what it was telling me, I just wanted to follow the rules. But then I realized that something wasn't quite right. I wasn't happy, and I wasn't feeling my best. So, I decided to start listening to my body, and that's when things started changing for the better. Now, I eat intuitively as a vegan, and it's improved my overall wellbeing in so many ways. If you're thinking about making the switch to veganism, or if you're already on this journey, then read on to learn more about the benefits of intuitive eating

Why I decided to become a vegan

After years of striving for an ‘ideal’ body size and weight, fed by the many myths perpetuated in society, I decided to take a different approach. It wasn't until I learned more about the nutrition in vegan diets that I began to understand how it could help me better listen to my body. Rather than counting calories or eliminating certain foods, veganism allows me to focus on nourishing and fueling my body while staying mindful of where my food comes from. Committing to the lifestyle changed everything; I was treated with kindness and respect instead of judgment and criticism, both from myself and others. It was a huge shift, allowing me to bring balance into all aspects of life - physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The benefits I've experienced since making the switch

Switching to a vegan diet has been one of the best decisions I've made for my well being. I'm no longer ruled by cravings and intense hunger - instead, I listen more carefully to the signals my body is sending me. I can now make better eating choices based on what my body truly needs instead of relying on cravings and quick fixes. Going vegan makes it easier to practice intuitive eating and build healthier habits, allowing me to focus on long-term goals for overall health benefits.

How listening to my body has helped me become an intuitive eater

Taking the time to understand my body has been a journey, but it has changed my life. As a vegan, I’ve noticed that listening to my own body and intuitively knowing what nutrition I need to keep me energized is essential. While I have always been mindful of what I eat, learning the art of intuitive eating has helped me trust myself more in all aspects of life. My physical body knows what it needs, and if I pay attention, it will show me how to nourish myself best. Through trial and error — exploring different snacks, tuning into emotions when making food choices and paying attention to patterns around hunger and cravings — I am now able to identify when I feel energetic and healthy—despite clever marketing that tries to guide me otherwise.

What I eat in a typical day

My meals include food like oats and fruit for breakfast, a quinoa bowl with mixture of roasted veggies at lunch, and roasted sweet potatoes, avocados, and hummus for dinner. Snacks may include plantain chips or homemade energy balls. I let my body decide when it's hungry—it has become better at giving me intuitive cues when there's a need for fuel. This approach has made it easier for me to enjoy every meal knowing that I'm keeping both my body and my conscience happy!

Be gentle with yourself  - the journey towards intuitive eating is a process, and it's different for everyone. Remember that there is no ‘right’ way to do things. Eating this way has given me more energy and made me feel healthier overall - with proper nutrition education and mindfulness practices, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

If you're looking for a lifestyle change that works for your body, then give veganism a try!

Marisa RamírezLTraveler and writer

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